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Walman Pendant Island 1-Light Integrated LED

$ 500.00 
$ 544.99 

Modern simplicity and industrial elements blend effortlessly in the Walman 35.5 Inch LED Linear Pendant. In the classic Matte White finish, Walman includes adjustable cables that let you choose an ideal height. Fully dimmable, this downward-facing light ensures you'll always have the best lighting. Available in Black & White finishes.

Product Attributes

  • Celebrating simplicity and function, Walman is ideal for the modern home
  • Everything about Walman is simple and subtle, from its slightly racetrack shape to its classic finish
  • Included 120-in cables can be lengthened or shortened to change the installation height
  • Integrated LEDs are hidden within the bottom of the fixture, creating a dimmable, downward light source
  • Imagine the stylish Walman downward light illuminating your home office, kitchen island or dining room buffet
  • Walman is dimmable, letting you set the mood you want
  • Easily adjust the fixture’s height after it's installed by pushing in the canopy button and microadjust to your exact needs


Naturally Pigmented

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